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Workshop on Categorical Methods in Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Satellite to the StreetFest conference in honour of Ross Street's sixtieth birthday

July 18-21 2005, Australian National University, Canberra

Thu, 21 July:  10:10 - 10:50

The Galois theory of Lambda-rings
Borger, James (ANU)

$\Lambda$-rings were introduced by Alexander Grothendieck to give a context for tackling Riemann-Roch problems. It is becoming increasingly clear, however, that abstract $\Lambda$-rings have a rich arithmetic nature. I will discuss what could be called the Galois theory of $\Lambda$-rings and, in particular, a result with Bart de Smit that gives a complete Galois-theoretic description of the category of $\Lambda$-rings that occur as the rational numbers tensor of a $\Lambda$-ring that has both finite rank as an abelian group and no non-zero nilpotent elements.

Typeset PDF of this abstract.