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Workshop on Categorical Methods in Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Satellite to the StreetFest conference in honour of Ross Street's sixtieth birthday

July 18-21 2005, Australian National University, Canberra

Tue, 19 July:  10:30 - 11:10

Generalizations of braids: presentations, braided monoidal categories, homology
Vershinin, Vladimir (Université Montpellier II and Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk)

We study all sorts of generalizations of braids: surface braid groups, Artin--Brieskorn groups, virtual braids, braid-permutation groups, singular braids, etc., from various points of view. In particular, some of these generalizations form braided monoidal categories or even permutative categories like virtual braids and
braid-permutation groups. This gives the possibility to consider their homology as the homology of corresponding loop spaces.

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